The here and now, presented via ceramic bowls, 2017
      Höggmyndagarðurinn/The Sculpture Associations' Garden, Reykjavík.


      "As I sat on a square the other day I was observing seagulls eating food left over on the
      ground. It hit me that maybe it would not be a good idea to have food in the bowls for this
      exhibit, especially since there are people living in the houses next to the Sculpture
      Associations Garden. I do not want seagulls eating from the bowls being part of the work, so
      I will leave the bowls empty for this iteration of the work."
       - Excerpt from the original exhibition text

      Displayed here is the documentation of the exhibition as it was depicted in the catalogue,
      documented on a rainy day with various foods photoshopped into the bowls.

      The exhibition took place in Höggmyndagarðurinn/The Sculpture Association's Garden
      from August 4th until August 25th. The bowls stood there during that period, empty except
      for the dirt that accumulated.

                  Exhibition view



Bowl w/kimchi,                                                         
Glazed ceramics with Kimchi photoshopped into the documentation                                                         

      Bowl w/pickled cucumber,
      Glazed ceramics with pickled cucumber photoshopped into the documentation


                                                            Bowl w/mayo,
                                                            Glazed ceramics with mayonnaise photoshopped into the documentation

Bowl w/ramen                  
Glazed ceramics with ramen photoshopped into the documentation                  

Exhibition view                                          


      Bowl w/borscht
      Glazed ceramics with borscht photoshopped into the documentation       


Bowl w/tomato tortilla soup      
Glazed ceramics with tomato tortilla soup photoshopped into the documentation      

                  Bowl w/mac and cheese
                  Glazed ceramics with mac and cheese photoshopped into the documentation

Bowl w/black olives      
Glazed ceramics with black olives photoshopped into the documentation